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Lokalizacja Denver
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Data urodzenia 2001-01-12
Wiek 22 lat
Ostatnia aktywność 2 lata temu lub dawniej

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Clothes are as important to humans as they are to reborns. As such, it is worthy to note that choosing clothes for your cute little angels can be tricky sometimes especially for first time reborn parents. However, it is preferable that, before you go out in search of reborn clothes; remember to think of the fol (...)

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The beginning of the 1920s was all about a revolution in all industries after the First World War. Just like the war changed the society in an irreversible way, it helped changed the people they looked at fashion as it became less about becoming acceptable for the society, and more about feeling comfortable in the clothes one would be. A dress from this era can be rightly described (...)

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