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10 Ways to Improve Your User Experience to Succeed in Internet Business Experts in the field of user experience and e-commerce share their best ideas to instill a sense of pleasure in users, maintain and persuade them to buy from your website in this article. The biggest challenge for e-commerce businesses is turning visitors into customers. Assuming you provide the great (...)

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What is the conversion rate? Simply put, conversion rates are the percentage of visitors to your website or landing page that convert (that is, perform the action you want). Depending on your business goals, "conversion" can be almost anything, but the most common types are: •  Make purchases; •  Completing and submitting a form (contact form, (...)

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Targeted Web Traffic That Converts - Real Human Web Clicks CTR has become a major ranking factor. Use real human clicks to boost your SEO rankings. TargetedWebTraffic is a click exchange network used to send more real clicks to your SERPs. Only Real Human Clickers. Better SEO Rankings. All targeted traffic sources convert visitors differently. None equals the other one. There is (...)

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