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Data urodzenia 2006-05-13
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Hello for the first time,My name is Szymon, and this going to be my very first blog, so be forgiving.Today I'm going to tell you about special places, must visit in London.For the beginning I want to recommend you London National Gallery. It is one of the most famous and important culture places in London.You could appreciate there paintings of the most interested artist in history (...)

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Here I would like to write few sentences about Coral Reef. I’ve never seen coral reef in real life. It is one of my dreams to visit such place and dive to see this beautiful phenomenon. Man could experience reef in warm oceans and seas which temperature does not decrease below 18*C. It is usually localized not deeper than 50 meters below water surface. Besides, b (...)

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Hi, Today I’m going to tell you about a really good place for winter sports.   It's a place called Bormio2000. It's a hotel Girasole in the Alps. The name of the place is because of a small town which is placed 2000 meters lower. The hotel is really nice and cozy. Also, you can eat there very good Italian traditional food.  The best thing (in my opinion) (...)

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