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  Leaving the Brittany behind and going to the East there are 2 more places worth to see. So . let’s begin our journey.   Étretat- an amazing place for photographers and everyone who want to take some beautiful shots. Étretat is best known for its chalk cliffs whose were painted by the most known artists like French Impressionist Monet. For all visi (...)

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  When we think about France it reminds us of romantic weekend in Paris, but in reality it’s much more interesting to see the outside destinations then only Paris itself. This huge country is divided into a couple of regions with many attractive places.  My today’s post is dedicated to Saint Malo and Le Mont Saint Michel, both of them are placed in north west (...)

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Today I want to continue this fascinating trip to Britany. Not going that far from St Mało there is a city of Dinan. Dinan is a medieval town from the 13th century with perfect condition of old buildings and streets. Likely not that popular therefore not so overcrowded. It was like jump back in time. When I entered this city I started to feel this Asterix's time atmosphere immedia (...)

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