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Hey guys! Sorry there wasnt any post a week ago, but because of this virus epidemic and lockdown, i got lost and to recompensate it today ill try to post 2 entrys today! So in my previous entrys i wrote about how to prepare for travel or where to travel, but i never wrote anything about how to travel so heres my list of, my personal favoritues, ways to travel:   Normal walk (...)

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Welcome everyone on my first entry on this blog. Today i want to tell you the most important things to do on a trip to be prepared as best you can. So you want to have a trip to, lets say greece, but you dont want it to be a normal "boring" stay at a 5-star hotel. You want to be close to the nautre, feel like an explorer, right?  First you need to pack your things up. If yo (...)

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Hi and welcome to my blog! In this entry im going to tell you about best places to go on a trip by bike. Those places are going to be the most visited and the most beautiful places to go using our favorite 2-wheeled friend Im going to show you them from my favourite favourite to my favourite 1. Cycle paths in Himalayas in Nepal- Its my favourite because, in my opinion, there is (...)

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As I promised heres my second entry today :D Becouse of the coronavirus epidemic, we cant travel like we used to, and everyone is staying at home so today ill try to tell you how to get through all of this.   Becouse of staying in home 25/8 you can get pretty bored so you should find yourself a indoor hobby, other than sitting in front of TV or PC all day, here are some of (...)

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