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#298E: Tunnels under Babia Góra: do they still contain treasures of the "Polish Eldorado" accessible via rocks working as hidden gates? Totalizm i Koncept Dipolarnej Grawitacji (Kodig)

 Motto: "One oral assurance of someone well known to us is worth more than bookshelves full of certified guarantees from experts or authorities." I dedicate the content of this post to seekers of treasures, to hunters of the "Polish Eldorado" from the Babia Góra undergrounds, to finders of grains of truth even in legends about strange habits of old dragons that accumulate huge treasures in their lairs and then love to recline on these valuables, to followers of legends about the land of Shambhala, Agartha and the underground city of Shangri-La, to hunters and visitors of glassy underground tunnels that cover the entire earth, to UFO researchers, to admirers of the Indiana Jones adventures, etc. All these adventurous threads are contained in an unusual tradition - the beginning of which was revealed to me in times of my high-school, while many years later which I published under the name of Wincenty's story. (Wincenty is the Polish spelling of the Christia (...)

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