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#308E: Definitions of God, life, creation, divine omnipotence, and human ability to think of (invent), resulting from the theory of everything called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity Totalizm i Koncept Dipolarnej Grawitacji (Kodig)

  Motto: 'For the definition of "God" to be complete and unambiguous, it must NOT only explain "who" and "what" God is (i.e. in the case of my definition, explain that while It is our Superior Being, at the same time God is also both the Program as well as the Programmer - i.e. the beginning as well as the end, the Alpha as well as the Omega); but it should inform as well where is the space in which God resides, from what comes the power which allowed God to create the entire our physical world and us and then allowed also to perfectly pre-program the work of all natural laws and moral laws, while now allows to precisely manage the fate of every creature, every object and every phenomenon of our physical world; while in addition it should also reveal what is the main purpose of God's creation and management, as well as make readers aware of matters to whic (...)

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