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Hydrogenation: Reaction of the nitrobenzene with hydrogen and a catalyst European Pollutants Release and Transfer Register

MDI is the least hazardous of the commonly available isocyanates, as it has a very low vapour pressure. This reduces its hazards during handling compared to the other major isocyanates (TDI, HDI). However, it, like the other isocyanates, is an allergen and sensitizer. Persons developing sensitivity to isocyanates may have dangerous systemic reactions to extremely small exposures, including respiratory failure. MDI should be not be heated or sprayed except with strict engineering controls and personal protective equipment. It has low human toxicity. It is a reactive material and reacts with hydrogen donors, in some cases violently. Its reaction with water produces carbon dioxide which can burst containers and produce aerosols. Since it polymerizes in the presence of water, its ecological risks are low. Since it polymeriz (...)

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