Ignis fatuus in sunny day

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#296E: Beguile or reassurance - what goal had the intelligent "ignis fatuus" from the burning bush of seaweed on the full of people beach from Petone NZ in sunny Wednesday 2018/4/25? (Po polsku poniżej) Totalizm i Koncept Dipolarnej Grawitacji (Kodig)

  Motto: "Although the folkloristic knowledge and folk wisdom are treated by our official science like fairy tales far from the truth, in real life more often happens to us what the folklore states than what the official science tells us."   During times of my youth I have heard a lot of folk stories about typically hostile towards people, deceitful, deceptive, intelligently behaving lights or flames, in English called, amongst others, by their Latin name "ignis fatuus" - although various other names, can be used for them, e.g. "will-o'-the-wisp", "ghost-light", etc. These lights and flames are also known in folklores of many other countries. For example, in New Zealand they are known (especially in Maori folklore) as "The Watchman" and under a number of descriptive names. In Poland they are called "błędne ogniki" (i.e. "wandering fires" - because they lead people astray), "strażnicy" (i.e. the "guards" - because they guard the rogue treasures), "ogni szatańskich" (i (...)

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