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#303E: The pilgrimage, the plan of which seem to confirm discreetly that the "burning bush" of seaweed from Petone reveals the only "Christian-holy" place in NZ Totalizm i Koncept Dipolarnej Grawitacji (Kodig)

Motto of videos #J3xyz: "Even if you act alone and believe that you are the only person in the entire world who does a given something, in fact your actions are one of numerous components of a much larger plan implemented and coordinated by God, in the completion of which God engages many appropriately inspired people."   Videos #J3xyz: Everything that God does and allows to be manifested through either nature or through words and actions of people, actually is an essential part of a gigantic divine plan oriented toward the well-being of many people (e.g. the plan for educating and progressing of the entire humanity) - even if it looks only like something insignificant or temporary. The method of God's acting that always makes each (...)

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