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European Pollutants Release and Transfer Register European Pollutants Release and Transfer Register

The European PRTR has been established by regulation 166/2006/EC on the first reporting is forseen for the reporting year 2007. For releases to air data for the sectors transport (road traffic, aviation, shipping and railway), military, domestic fuel combustion, solvent use, fossil fuel distribution, agriculture and roofing and road paving with asphalt are included in the inventory. For releases to water diffuse source sectors identified include natural background losses, agriculture, scattered dwellings and diffuse anthropogenic. A pathway related reporting on releases into water based on the MONERIS model - exemplarily presented in the inventory for the Danube river basin - differentiated releases from groundwater, tile drainage, erosion, surface runoff, atmospheric deposition and urban areas. You can find definitions for all sources sectors and pathways within the glossary.The European PRTR is t (...)

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